Homestead Farm





Pick Your Own







Admission to Farm:

$2 Dollars per person, per visit


ages 1 and under exempt

Produce sold separately by the pound.

Please pay for what you pick.

no petsNo pets. no pets

Farm Admission FAQ:

Q: Why do you charge admission?

A: Charging admission allows us to maintain a quality experience.

Q: What does admission get me access to?

A: Access to pick-your-own areas (produce sold separately), farm animals, picnic tables, grassy area by pond, hay stack by pond, refreshment stand. (Note: refreshment stand is open Saturday & Sunday only.)

Q: Does the admission paid still work as a deposit?

A: No. Admission no longer works as a deposit. Your admission will NOT be subtracted from your pick-your-own total at check out.

Q: Do I have to pay admission in order to access the market?

A: No. You may still shop in the market as usual. No admission charged to shop in the market. However, buying something in the market does NOT grant free admission to the farm.

Q: What if I just want to visit the animals? Or just use the picnic tables? Or just walk/look around? Or just pick flowers? Or just get something from the refreshment stand? Or just enter the farm for free?

A: If you wish to enter the farm, we must charge admission. (Note: refreshment stand is open Saturday & Sunday only.)

Q: What if I just want something from the refreshment stand?

A: Sorry, but the refreshment stand is within the farm. Admission is required to enter the farm. (Note: refreshment stand is open Saturday & Sunday only.)

Q: Do you offer a season pass?

A: No. We do not offer a season pass.

Q: What if it starts to rain?

A: We are open rain or shine. Please check weather forecast in advance. Admission is non-refundable.

Q: What if I can't find anything to pick?

A: Please ask a staff member for assistance.


Ben and Maureen Allnutt
15604 Sugarland Road, Poolesville, Maryland 20837